Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Dropped the dog off, hit mcdonalds (gotta break a $20 so I can pay parking, which is $10 or $12 depending whether I'm in before 9), drove to work.

35th from before Alaska all the way to Avalon was parked. Why? Because every asshole who wanted to skip the traffic in the right lane was driving in the left lane and then pushing in at Avalon. And, thus, creating the traffic they were skipping.

Admiral was backed up, as I expected, so I went down to Avalon, then over to Delridge. Things were easy from there, across the low bridge, to 4th. Some /really/ great puddles along the way. Into work, no real issues.

If it weren't for the basement thing, I'd be in a fantastic mood. This is EXACTLY my kind of weather. Looking out the windows at work, it's just a wonderful sight.

I think I'll leave a bit after lunch.

edit: I was in a 8:58, paid $10.
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