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More Kindle

Looking at the Manage Your Kindle page just now, I see two things I hadn't before. Whether they weren't there, or I just didn't notice, I dunno.

a) You can mail documents to a slightly different address to get them converted and mailed back to your registered account, where you can upload them via USB. Thus you save the $0.10 conversion fee.

b) They won't charge you for 'individual charges', such as document conversions, until you hit $3.00 (30 conversions). I wonder if this is why I haven't been charged for internet use yet, since I haven't used it much.

In other news, I've carried it with me almost everywhere since I got it, but I haven't read much on it the past couple days due to being busy at work, cleaning at home, and setting up Moshtari. I did read some after I went to bed last night. But to give an idea of the power this device has over me.. I started Forty Signs of Rain over a year ago at this point, I think. I finished the last quarter of the book last weekend, on the Kindle. I'm already half-way through Fifty Degrees Below.
I /am/ a little disappointed so far in /technical/ books. The Great Wonderful Thing I was hoping for was to be able to have my not inconsiderable collection of technical references in electronic, easily-carried, cross-referenced and indexed, searchable form. Thus far, of the books I've looked for, I haven't found much worth downloading. I'm hoping O'Reilly'll get their catalog converted over soon. Meanwhile, there's /one/ Applescript book available, and the sample I downloaded didn't make it look worth paying for. Tho, I'll admit, that first-chapter samples of technical books isn't necessarily a great idea. Something from the middle of the book would be MUCH more useful. grymor, you wanna pass that message to the fiona folks for me?
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