Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

God hates Sightseer and wants it dead.

After finally getting around to wiring up the L6-30 outlet, I have a place to plug in the Proliants.
I have a crap PDU - I'm going to have to replace it as it doesn't really fit in the rack, much less mount to it, but it'll do for now - to plug into that, and I have the heavy duty cables to plug the servers into the PDU. I ran a network cable, plugged a spare monitor (that little 7" monochrome with vga input finally comes in useful!) and keyboard, and get the machine running. Yay!
Well, the cmos battery needs replacing. ok, fine. later.
Then the disk arrays are corrupted. Not surprising, since the disks are probably in different slots, and I may not have had them set up properly before. Recreate as RAID 10. Four 9.1GB drives become a single redundant 18GB volume.* Awesome.
Boot into an Ubuntu server install disc.
Parted barfs. Can't read the disc geometry. Shit.
Gutsy. Same.
Edgy. Same, despite seeing web pages that say it works fine with Edgy.

It seems they're loading drivers that conflict with the cpqarray driver, preventing it from talking to the array properly.
But, I've got some references on ways to avoid the problem, and also a link to a customized install CD for Feisty that omits the offending driver. One of these two options should work. The install cd won't be downloaded for some 5 hours, so I won't be trying it tonight, but I may go back down and try the workarounds tonight.

After I've got an OS on there, and get up updated to latest gutsy plus patches, I'll install Apache and Ruby and Ruby Gems and Rails and Mysql, duplicate the GSS database over there, move my gss-new workspace over there, and resume work on the GSS rewrite. I think it's probably about a week of part-time evenings until I can get it to the point where it can replace the display side. User input, comments and submissions and whatnot, will take longer.

I probably won't bother switching out the Google Ads account info until the rewrite launches. Yes, I'm that lazy. So tedder42 may get to keep making money off of it for a while after I'm supposed to switch over. Hey, Ted, I'm almost afraid to ask, but how's it doing compared to before I took over?

* It occurs to me now that perhaps assigning three discs to RAID5 and using the fourth as /var, /tmp, and swap might be better. putting the swap on a raid seems stupidly wasteful.
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