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I think I might move BookTwo (the second 1TB MyBook, that currently has just a Video/ directory on it) onto Algol, and move the iTunes library to that. Right now, I'm using a 300GB drive, but it would be nice to keep all my media together in a single iTunes collection, and I want that to be on Algol since I want to keep my iPod in the living room.

I've been pondering setting up Arcturus to automatically convert all the downloaded video from AVI packaging to something itunes/ipod like. It usually ends up a tiny bit smaller in the process, too. Hm. Tho, I'm not sure about the codecs. Some of it might need to be transcoded, and the rest just transcontainered. Anyway. Do all that on Arcturus, of the 8 mighty (mighty /idle/) cores, and then move over the network to Algol and import into iTunes. Yeah, that could work.

Oh, and I love watching the myBooks. If I had the money to blow on it, I would /totally/ buy a whole shelf of them, chain them together (how many firewire400 devices can you put in a single chain?) and just let them blink at me. Maybe I should start watching eBay for them to come up cheap.
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