Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
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God damnit, the more I read about Kindle, and the more I look thru the books available for it already, the more I'm tempted to buy one. But $400 is /really damned expensive/ for what you get.

Things that weigh on my mind, either pro or con:
* I'd totally buy it at half the price.
* I don't like buying gen-1 consumer electronics
* gen-1 consumer electronics are frequently easier to hack than gen-2, and one of the things I'd love to see happen is for someone to get google reader working on this thing.
* it's got wikipedia access, which I didn't know yesterday. Who knows what else it might get in the future.
* it's got a /lot/ in the store. Maybe not as much as I might prefer, given my personal tastes, but it's a surprising amount for launch.
* I can easily imagine that there will soon be ways to put your own content onto it.
* I can easily imagine o'reilly putting out books for it soon, if they aren't already. having my most-used oreilly books conveniently available would be überawesome.

Oh, also:
* my credit card is at 0% for six months.
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