Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Prepare for implosion.

Our extremely neurotic dog is about to become extremelier neurotic.

See, loree saw a sign at the dog washing place, about some people looking for long-term (3-12mo) dogsitters. A rough precis is that the owner is in japan working for boeing, and her exbf is now moving to baltimore. So they need someone to take care of the dog until she's back.
Well, we've increasingly-seriously been saying that maybe we should get Sancho a puppy. He gets bored if left home alone and ends up chewing things. As a result, whenever we have to leave him home alone he now gets locked in a cage. I don't much like doing that, and would much prefer to find him someone to keep him company. If they don't get bored, they don't destroy the house, and we don't have to lock them up. Easy, right?
Well, there's the problem wherein I don't really want to get another dog of unknown emotional problems, don't want to deal with an unhousebroken animal, don't want to test the theory of anti-boredom by having another couch eaten, etc.

So, we're giving this option a try. We're going to keep the new dog for the weekend (dropped off tonight, picked up sunday), and see how they cope with each other. And, perhaps, do some experiments that involve letting them think they're alone for a while.

When dog and current-caretaker came to visit earlier this week, Sancho was quite stressed out. But, that happens in situations involving strangers and strange dogs. So, I expect he'll stress out for a while when the new guy gets here. But, he seems to manage quite well with others at daycare, so I suspect he'll get used to the situation fairly quickly.

At the moment, he's laying on the couch next to me, being a very good dog.
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