Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Last night: Rerererererererereinstalling XP on Arcturus. After several rounds, gave up. WinXP just /refuses/ to boot properly off the second drive if there are ANY other real partitions on it. Doesn't matter how small. You can put it on a 300gb partition, with no other partitioned space, and it's happy. But give it a 700gb partition, and a little 50gb dos partition, and no, there's no hal.dll to be found, fuck off and die. Fine. 750gb waste of space. Whatever. I'll /never/ have to uninstall anything in the lifetime of the OS, at least. Get it booting again. Keen.
Back into OSX. Boot XP under parallels. Peachy. It works. Windows Update is having problems, but whatever, I'l deal with it tomorrow. Install Parallels tools, install Kaspersky. Copy files over for Steam, get steam all happy. Boot into windows. Play Portal to make sure things are working. Keen. Back into OSX. Copying more files between systems. Activate Windows, since clearly I am done and don't have to worry about it anymore. Shut Parallels down, leave OSX running.

This morning:
Reboot into windows. Won't boot. BLUESCREEN, no less. And it's forgotten my little rule about no-auto-reboot so I can see the bluescreen. Hm, odd. Let it cycle. Happens again. Not good. Back into OSX, restore the backup of the filesystem. Oh. Wait. SHIT. Now it's unactivated. Fuck. Walk away.

Sick of fast food breakfast. Grab the milk. Expired on the 2nd, but unopened. Open, sniff. Pour some out. Taste. It's fine. Put into water bottle to take to work. Grab a muffin. Go to work.
Cheerios for breakfast. Probably too much milk this morning.

Time to think about working, and seeth quietly (or, more likely, loudly) about how much XP's bootloader is a steaming pile of monkey shit. And how XP, in fact, is a steaming pile of monkey shit. And how I just want to play some fucking games, for christ sake, why do I have to waste my time with this stupidity?
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