Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Dr Edward Weiler, NASA Space Science Administrator: "We are not ready to send humans to Mars right now. We gotta know a lot more about radiation and radiation mitigation. One of the Apollo flights barely missed, like by a week, a major solar event. If it had gone off when the Apollo astronauts were on their way back and forth to the moon, they would have gotten their entire lifetime radiation dose in that one mission. And that's just one solar flare."

Yes. And they STILL would have committed murder to have the chance. Just because YOU are afraid of death, and don't feel it's worth the risk does not mean others don't either. If you put out a call for volunteers, saying they had a chance to go to Mars, and the odds were 50:50 they would not survive the trip, you'd still get more people signing up than you could process, even after filtering down to /just those who were qualified/. Hell, 90:10 and you'd still be pressed to narrow the field sufficiently.
Tags: frothing mad, mars, nasa sucks, people suck
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