Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Well, damnit.

Ok, so, Kingston's ram descriptions are a little less clear than I'd like.
They have listed a "2GB 667MHz FBDIMM Kit (4-core and 8-core systems)", which I ordered four of. They also have a "4GB 667MHz FBDIMM Kit (4-core and 8-core systems)", which I did not order, because I thought it was odd that they'd sell 4gb sticks of ram for a system that can only handle 16gb total and has 8 slots.

No, it's not 4gb sticks. it's a kit, meaning a pair of sticks, that TOTALS 4gb.
So, what I in fact ordered, was 8GB of ram for my new computer, rather than 16.
So, I can either send these all back and buy the 4gb packs, which will be $2000, not $600, OR I can deal with only having 8gb of ram.

I think I'm just going to live with less ram. 8GB should be QUITE PLENTY for quite a while, and if I need to upgrade later, I can do so at a more fiscally appropriate time.
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