Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I think I am ready to buy a mac pro now.

Standard configuration price: $2,499

Alterations to standard configuration:
* Dual quad-core 3.0 GHz processors - $1,498
* 750GB drive in bay 1 - $299
* ATI Radeon video card - $249
* Dual Superdrives - $99
* Bluetooth module - $29
* Wireless KB/Mouse - $59

Price after configuration: $4,732
Tax: $421.15

Standard/2day/Next-day shipping: $0 / $44 / $61
Given that the next day shipping is still only 1.2% of the purchase price, I'm quite willing to pay it. They say it'll ship in 2-3 days, so 2day SHOULD get it here by friday, and next-day is all-but sure to.

So, call it $5,196.15 total.
I'll max out the ram with kingston, since upgrading to 16gb thru apple would cost /another/ $4500, and that's just /stupid/. Four pairs of 2GB sticks from kingston will run $716.. no, I just checked their site and it's on sale, it'll be $608.

So, $5,804.15 total, plus tax/shipping from kingston. I'll buy some more drives for it later.
This will eat most of what's in my savings account, but this is also what I've been saving for, so that's okay.

Part of me wants to wait for a while and see if there's a price-drop on the hardware, but I've been waiting on buying a new system for 6 months now, until Leopard came out, and who knows when a price drop might happen. Other than, of course, the day after I buy.

[time passes]

You know what? Fuck that indecision shit. I've waited 6 months for a new system, I want to be able to play my damned games. I've transfered $6k from World Domination Plan to Checky (my ign savings and checking accounts. bad things happen when you let the user name their accounts). To the best of my knowledge the ING debit card has no daily limit. I'm ordering the mac pro now, with next-day shipping. Kingston has a two-count limit on the ram, so I'll see what I can do about that. Time to spend money.
Tags: computers, money sucks, shopping, shopping is hard
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