Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

My shopping karma isn't great this month.

...but I suppose it could be worse.

I've done quite a bit of shopping this month.
I managed to buy an L6-30 receptical. It took two stores.
I managed to buy a raised four-square L6-30 cover plate. It took four stores.
I still need to wire it in.

I bought a backpack. It's very nice so far.

I bought a rail kit for a Proliant 5500. It turned out to be three pairs of the outer mounting rails, no slides at all. Completely useless. I gave the whole thing away.

I bought LED conversion kits for mini maglites. One white, one UV. $60. Delivered, according to USPS, friday. No sign of it. Hm. I just checked the tracking results again, and USPS says it was delivered to 98134. That's SODO/Georgetown. WTF? [time passes] It seems I probably typo'd the delivery address. It was delivered to 2401 4th Ave S, which is the SoDo McDonalds. I've now retrieved it.
I still don't know where my purple minimag is, tho. I've put the UV bulb into the red lite, for now, tho that's the lite meant to be turned into a laser. If I don't find the purple one by next weekend, I'll buy a new one.

The quickcams I bought off woot don't /quite/ work off-the-shelf with Ubuntu Linux. I'm having to install the linux source so I can build a driver module. Ugh.

Other stuff is coming from Amazon. Media, mostly. I don't expect many problems with that.
Tags: shopping is hard
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