Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

What ToDo, what ToDo

Things I could/should work on tonight/this weekend:
  • SixMore improvements
  • GSS rewrite
  • GSS migration - can't do that much, just start getting Moshtari reinstalled and configured
  • Setting up some of the new 1U boxes downstairs
  • Setting up a server to put offsite at the Westin
  • Reading - I've got several books I need to read, fiction and non, including quite a few technical manuals that it would be good to at least skim.
  • Reading - I subscribed to the social-network-portability group at Google some time back, but haven't actually started reading it. I'd rather read it sequentially, from the start. It's not that old yet, so this is still reasonable. But Google's interface for reading the archives is a bit of a bitch, so it's kinda slow. It would be nice to get caught up tho.
  • Clean the bunker. Oh so much more work to do.

I actually put 'Read!' onto my calendar as a one-hour task every saturday morning. We'll see if I pay any attention to myself.
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