Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Party prep, of a sort

So, several of you said you'd be willing to help prep for the party before, or clean up after. Well, PART of the prep work before is going to be getting the server farm out of the dining room. I really REALLY want this to happen before the party.

I need to spend some time poking around in the basement, but mainly this is going to mean hauling some boxes and such out of the basement - some of which will Go Away, some of which will go to the garage, some of which will go back into the basement afterward - then rearranging things, possibly adding some shelving, hauling all of the computers downstairs and setting them up, plugging them in, making sure everything's working, then putting all the stored crap back.

So, basically, I'm asking for a couple of people to come over and carry stuff up and down stairs. This weekend would probably be good. Next weekend would probably work too. Comment below if you're in, and when.
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