Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

If any of you happen to have or come across any CMBUS-to-CMBUS cables (that'd be the chaining cables, not the adapters), I'm in the market for a few. I now own a total of 6 CMBUS systems, and two adapters. One will likely end up offsite, do having an adapter there would likely be a good idea. The ones that stay here, it would be convenient to be able to chain them together on the bus, instead of having to move the adapter between them.

So, yeah, if you find any, lemme know. The adapters are horribly expensive, so I expect the cables probably are too, but, you know.

(yes, yes, i'm keeping my eye on ebay et al, but all I'm finding are adapters. Mind you, the adapter-modules, as opposed to the adapter-cables, /have/ a cmbus-cmbus cable, but it's all so 'spensive.)
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