Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Turns out 45' of cable is *just* enough to get from the entertainment-center rack in the living room to the server rack in the dining room. Rather than having 10' of extra cable like I was afraid of, I'm about 5' short of where I wanted to cable to get to. Ah well.

So, the Sonic Impact T-Amp, with the relatively-cheap Boss speakers, 45' (90', actually, two lines) of subwoofer cable, and the cheap speaker wire that came with the speakers, on the zone-2 output from the Onkyo.... turns out pretty good. Can't crank it really loud, or it starts cutting out, but that's ok. These aren't meant to be rocking-out-loud sets. Just for being able to hear the stereo in the dining room/kitchen.

Oh, goodie. Amazon just shipped my copy of Bioshock. Should be here wednesday. Coulda had it today, same-day delivery, but figured I wouldn't have much time to play it.

Anyway. Re-did the cable run between the LR and DR, to add the new cables and fix the places it was coming apart. Those little sticky cable-tie points rip the paint off the wall. It annoys me. I think one of these days I'll want to do something involving under-floor cable runs (since we can access it fairly well from the basement), take down all the stickies, and repaint the places it's screwed up. But not today. Or this year.

I'm tired.
Let's see.. what's left?
Scrub down and refill the hot tub. Clear out the gazebo, to get rid of yard debris, spiderwebs, etc.
Clear out the southern guest room. Tho, nobody's requested space that we'd put in there, so maybe I don't need to.
Dust the bar.
Clear stuff out of the harem pit. Either clear out the other end of the sunroom too, or put up caution tape to keep people out. (broken glass and other crap over there)
Clear off the deck.
Put away all the day-to-day living stuff (shoes, coats, personal electronics, etc) in the living room. That'll wait until tomorrow, of course.

Guh. Why do I throw parties again?
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