Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Per cooncat's suggestion, tried Stereo Warehouse. They're more of a car stereo place, not home stuff. BUT, I told him what I needed, and he showed me what little he had. Turned out, he had something that was pretty much what I wanted. About twice as big as I was hoping for, but that's ok. $40 or $50 per pair, I bought two pair. Then went to fry's, to get cable. Nobody apparently feels like making 15m stereo a/v cables. Best I found was 30ft subwoofer cables. Fine. Bought two 30' subwoofer cables, two 15' subwoofer cables, appropriate connectors and adapters and such. Fine. oh, and I bought a philips 9800i universal remote, 'cause I'm a sucker, and it was only $212. "only".

Came home, unloaded.
Went to costco. Bought crap for party.
Went to Byrne Airgas. I forgot the 10L dewar I have. They didn't have /any/ on hand. So, I'll go back in a while with the one I have, and I guess we'll only have 10L for the party.

For the moment, I have pre-sliced apple packs from costco. Gnam Gnam.
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