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The story, er, vacation so far

Let me precis to date.

Wednesday, Seattle time, I get on a plane to fly to Atlanta. Scheduled takeoff is 1135pm, I think we left a bit later than that. It was a 757, and surprisingly full for a redeye. Sat next to a moderately cute medschool student (flying back to syracuse), and a mildly disabled PA (who had apparently been injured by falling out of a helicopter when in the army). Flight itself was largely uneventful, just VERY VERY long. There WAS one lady a few rows behind us who passed out or something. They were giving her oxygen, and the PA went to check on her. Apparently everything turned out okay, tho.

Arrived in ATL, and walked most of the length of the B concourse to get to the gate for my next flight. I get some soda, I hang out. I muck about online a little. I buy batteries. I figure out the keyboard problem wasn't batteries. I poke around in the Palm store. Flight starts boarding about 5 minutes after scheduled departure. It's a little plane, 15 rows or so, 2+2 wide. BUT, it was sufficiently empty that nearly everybody could have a pair of seats to themselves, esp us in the back. So I did. That was good.

Arrived in ICT a little after scheduled, made calls, got my car (a 'gold', tho I'd call it 'beige' Kia, with Texas plates, ew), went to the restroom, and came out JUST in time to see my bag come out. Grabbed the bag, into the car, to the hotel.

Got to the hotel. The room I was supposed to get wasn't cleaned yet. He said he could call housekeeping and tell them to do it ASAP, but it would probably be 30-40 minutes. I was very VERY tired, so I said to give me whatever was available. So, instead of a corner room with a king bed, I have a south-side room with a king bed. $25/night cheaper, but a lesser view. On the other hand, I can see the other way by going to the elevator lobby, so I'm not missing /that/ much.

Tried to nap. Failed. Miserably. Got up around 2ish. Called mom. Picked her up, went to LJS for breakfast. Went back to her place, met the new dog (Tristin), said hi to my sister. Went back to the hotel for a bit. Wandered around outside the hotel, looking at the fountain wall. Got hungry, called mom, we went to Spears. Acceptable chicken fried steak, and a wonderful slice of french silk pie. Dropped mom off, went to the grocery store, came home. Slept.

Woke up this morning. Snoozed for a while, then realized that if I didn't move, no hotel breakfast. Got dressed, went downstairs, hit the breakfast buffet. Had a waffle made. I was the only person all morning to order a waffle. Sad. Went back upstairs, watched some tv (my tv, via the slingbox, not local). Called mom, and asked what we should do. We decided to go out to the country.

Picked mom up. Drove out to the country. I took the GPS, so I could record the location of dad's cemetery. But, it lacks Kansas maps, so it only knew about the major highways. Doesn't matter, I still got the coordinates. Took pictures of headstones, of cemetery, of church. Church is no longer held by the congregation that runs the cemetery, apparently. It started to rain, hard, JUST as we pulled up. Mom stayed in car. I got out, walked in rain, wondered if the lightning was going to hit me. There was thunder. There was lightning. I said stuff at my dad. Nothing profound. Got back in car, decided to drive back to wichita for lunch. Ended up at Taco Tico. I like their beef seasoning better, but they don't pack their sanchos nearly as big as taco time does their burritos (they're the same thing. a taco tico burrito has beans; the sancho does not.). The tacos were similarly thinner, but crunchier. Crustos were pretty much the same.

Decided to go to a movie at the Warren Old Town. Dropped by the house to see if sister wanted to join us, but she wasn't feeling well. Went to Bourne Ultimatum. Ordered 'Italian Nachos'. chips with mozzerella, pepperoni, tomato sauce. VERY good. Also popcorn (REAL butter), and soda. $19, delivered to our seats.

Dropped mom off, came back to hotel. Saw a rabbit, running across hotel driveway. Was not fast enough with camera.

Now: Email, more tv from home, uploading more pictures, maybe reading, then sleep.
Tomorrow: no idea. Maybe the Cosmosphere.
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