Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

• Groceries are here.
• Waiting for gfish to arrive, so we can try to kill each other with heavy objects (he's going to help me move a bunch of heavy stuff to the basement, including a half-rack that might weigh more than he does.)
• then to fry's and/or circuit city to look for a small shelf-style stereo system to put into the diningroom/kitchen and connect to the zone2 output of the onkyo in the living room. I know there are other things I wanted at fry's too, but I can't remember them. Hopefully I will, before I get there. Or while I'm there.
• then hanging out with beaq. Were planning to go to webley concert. May or may not, depending how we both feel when the time comes. Maybe just dinner and whine.

• packing
• packing
• packing
• lush
• packing
• packing
• relaxing
• panicking upon realization of forgotten packing
• more packing
• packing
• reconsideration
• unpacking
• repacking
• rerepacking
• sitting around bored
• more sitting
• dinner
• more sitting
• more more sitting
• going to airport
• sitting
• more sitting
• plane
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