Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Let's save the obvious speculative answer for later...

I'm staying at the Hyatt Regency while I'm in wichita, and they have a concierge online where you can request services ahead of time, including spa services. They have two spa providers, Healing Waters and Individually Yours. HW provides several types of massages, including 'Aromatherapy' ($100 for 90min), 'Deep Tissue' ($135/90), 'Barefoot' ($95/60, and tempting just for the amusement value), and one that the concierge lists as 'Bliss Massage', $195 for 90 minutes.

There are no descriptions. I found HW's own site (linked above), and looked at /their/ descriptions. The amusement value of the barefoot massage drops somewhat as illustrated, sadly. But more to the point, I find no description of a 'Bliss' massage. So I've no idea what it is, or why it's $60 more expensive than deep-tissue. They /do/ have a 'couples' massage, which I would expect to cost more than a single, and if that's what this is supposed to be, it's a pretty decent deal. Two for the price of 1.5. But I'd expect them to call it that.

I'm planning to get a good and proper massage while I'm there, and will probably just order a 90min deep-tissue, but I'd be happier requesting it if I knew what I /wasn't/ getting from the bliss.
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