Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I broke a bowl at work this morning.

Later, I dropped a knife loaded with mayo.

The day passed fairly quietly other than that.

Around 4, people packed up and hiked down to the Palace Ballroom - one of the placed I'd looked at for my bday party - for the company's friday meeting. The meeting was largely uneventful, but I got a call during. I was being invited, last minute, to a Rush concert. Unfortunately, between the company-paid open-bar-and-tom-douglas-catering party, and a dog locked up in a box at home, I had to decline. I taught the bar to make a decent approximation of a Purple Monkey Dishwasher, and was having a fine time. Said goodbye to a coworker who is leaving us to go do Good Works. She'd been there about as long as I have, and while we hadn't talked a lot in that time, we had had a few good conversations and I'll miss her being around. And then I get a call from the Safeway delivery guy. I'd completely forgotten about the order I placed last night, to be delivered today. Really, if he'd showed up at the /end/ of his delivery window, it probably never would have been a thing, but he showed up - if anything - early. I apologized profusely. Since he's our regular delivery guy, he knows us as it were, and I had nothing perishable, and it would have been at least 40 minutes for me to get home, he left the stuff on the porch, tho it's very very against the rules for him to do that. I thanked him profusely, apologized again, excused myself from the conversations I was in, said my goodbyes, and headed home. Or, rather, back to the office to get my stuff, then home. Home now. I have soda. I have an apple. I have iTunes.

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