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Why does every big corporation I deal with eventually have to turn to shit?

The siding guy had to remove the DSS dish. We got it remounted, but no signal, so it needed to be realigned. Fine. Call DTV, it's gonna be $70-something. BUT, I can sign up for the protection plan, and it will only cost $15, plus the protection plan ($5/mo) for this one, and be free in the future. Keen, sign me up.

Well, the dish is misaligned again, from the siding guy finishing up the job. No big. Call them back. Oh, 'accidental misalignment', outside of 'act of god', isn't covered by the protection plan. Hm. Ok, please /cancel/ the protection plan, and REFUND what I've paid for it thus far, because that's not what I was told when I bought it, nor what I need it for. And schedule a new trip, at the full $70-something price, for Saturday.

Fuckers. If only comcast didn't suck so very very hard, I'd switch. No more dish issues, we've already /got/ a cable connection coming in from the pole, we'd just need to reroute it a bit (and all the cable we need for that is already in place!). AND they have STBs with firewire, which COMPLETELY removes the complications we've had trying to design a myth box.

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