Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium


I'm still working on planning my trip. Current front runner is Continental to MCI (Kansas City), leaving here 1145p on Tuesday or Wednesday, and arriving 9:22am the next morning; then coming back Monday, leaving at 610p and arriving 1120p. $295 for that part.

Rent a car in KC, drive to wichita, do things, drive back, turn in car. Gonna be somewhere between $31 and $60 per day, depending who I use and what kinda car I want. Dollar's "Standard" is listed as a Dodge Charger, $53/day or $210. I tend to prefer Hertz, but their cheapest is an "Economy" at $48/d. If I'm paying that much, I'd rather have a cooler car than a Hyundai Accent. Anyway. Let's budget $250, since I'll probably get the uberinsurance and whatnot.

Hotel is a question. Time was, there was just one four-star hotel in Wichita. That's where I'd like to say, the Hyatt Regency Wichita. It's next to Century II, on the river, etc. Nice. Now there are also the Wichita Marriott (which isn't new, but I could have /sworn/ it used to be 3star) and The Inn at Willowbend, which is on a golf course and I don't care. The Hyatt is $131/night, so we're looking at something like six or seven hundred. The Marriott would only be about four or five, and there are various other much cheaper options.

Poking more at flight searches, I find one that's $269, 1145p-922a / 610p-113a. That's not bad. For $335, I can get in closer to noon, which has advantages, but not $40 worth of advantages.
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