Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

More driving around today. Hit WSU. Brad's gone, which doesn't surprise. The xterm lab is gone, replaced by a room full of compaqs. At least one has them running linux, but still... those were part of the landscape. It's sad.

Alice's house looks pretty much like it always did. It's for sale tho. The house next door is boarded up, plywood over the windows.

The old house outside of Andover looks mostly the same, they haven't changed the color. They did add a porch on the garage, and a wood shelter on the shed, and a play structure in the back. I assume they also built the back porch we never got around to.

After all that, went to Pirates at the Palace. $7.75 for the ticket, a giant soda, and a 'medium' popcorn that's bigger than most 'large's in seattle.

Now I'm back at mom's house. Writing this, watching Knight Rider, and thinking of finding a club to wander out too.
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