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Indulging in nostalgia today. Went to Long John Silver's for lunch, which was yummy good. Then went and drove around Andover for a bit. 'cottonwood', 'meadowlark'? WTF kinda names are those for elementary schools? At least Martin is a good name. Three elementary schools tho, wow. The IGA is gone. shouldn't be surprising, the Dillons made that inevitable. Andover Drug is still there, but the Walgreens across the street will soon take care of that. The house on Sunnyslope south still has the back porch I helped dad build. And I'm not /sure/ but it looks like my catnip bush is still there.

A lot is the same, exactly as I remember it always being. Other things are scary different. But Andover continues its inexorable suburban sprawl. Fields that I remember trapsing about, nothing but fields and ponds and wasteland, are now filled with houses. Roads lead onto Kellogg where there weren't before.

After that, I went to the third Matrix at the Warren Old Town Theatre. W. O. W. It's a /nice/ theatre. Nicest theatre I have ever been in. Aisles you could ride a pair of bikes down, side by side. Each seat has TWO independant armrests, each with a cup holder. And get this: They hand you a menu when they take your ticket. You push a button on your armrest, and somebody comes to take your order. Then they bring you your food - real food, mind you - on a tray that slides into your cupholder. This is a good and proper yuppy theatre. I think, when I become idle rich, I may have to move back here instead, get a place in oldtown, and hang out at the Warren all the time.
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