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Martin Tithonium

First, a retraction... There WERE maplights in the Neon, I found them then next day.

Georgia was really fun, for all that it was so short and hard to drive in. I'm envious of the house Trin and her friends are moving in to. It's very nice. On saturday, after I took Trin and ... Christine? and Isaac (sp?) to breakfast, Trin and I went to a bigbig mall and wandered around for a while. Shockingly, I didn't find anything to buy for myself, tho - over loud protests - I did buy her a copy of Sims's Making Magic, or whatever it's called.

Now I'm in Kansas. And, amusingly, within three hours of arriving, I was in a martini bar with my mother and sister. Was good tho. Today, sis and I went to best buy and borders, and had quizno's for lunch. Mom and I just got back from dinner at Willie C's. The east side one had closed, and it's shifted to a much more tex-mex centric menu, but it was good.

While there, I finally filled my mom in on some life choices that aren't nearly as recent as when I had originally planned to tell her. She brushed away the vasectomy, having expected as much. Didn't have much to say about the poly thing; something along the lines of "I don't understand, but if it works for you".
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