Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

A comedy of fucking errors, I tell you.

I'm agreed to host a website for somebody. For free. 'cause I'm an idiot. I didn't ask what they'd need for the website. 'cause I'm an idiot. They need PHP. Ok, fine. I can install PHP on rigel, sure.

No, I can't. I'm running Apache 2.0, but an old enough version that PHP's install scripts can't cope with it to build a loadable module. *sigh*
Ok, fine. I've been meaning to upgrade rigel for YEARS. Time to bite the bullet.

I've got a 300GB hard drive, all ready for the upgrade.
I just need a machine to run the install from.
Plug it into a spare machine sitting around. Machine won't boot. Turns on, fans spin, nothing else. Never even posts.
Ok. Grab another spare, a big dell server I /know/ works. Oh, it's SCSI-only, no IDE. Ok.
Grab ANOTHER spare. It has no CD drive, and the only spare I can find isn't working.

Fine. Shut down my windows box, and open it up. Hey! A spare IDE connection AND power, laying on top. plug in drive, boot. Yay.

The drive, the all-but-new drive, the drive SO NEW that I still have the box IN READY REACH... has clicked a few times, while filesystems were being created.

It's under warranty until 2011. I'm going to go ahead and continue partitioning and installing, but if it acts up in ANY WAY, I'm RMAing it and getting a new one before continuing.

Fucking hell.
Tags: computers suck
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