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Martin Tithonium

The 'roads' in Athens Georgia is all the proof anyone could ever need that there is no benevolent god in the universe. Rental cars that don't have maplights - or indeed anyway to illuminate the interior without opening the door - don't help much. I got quite thoroughly lost. Tho, to my credit, I /did/ manage to get myself back on the right track twice without outside help. And /probably/ could have figured out the last bit too, tho it was a lot less traumatic with a navigator on the phone.

So, I'm in Georgia. The flight was nice, as such things go. Smooth and quiet, with an amusing flight crew and the cabin lights off for most of the time. The airport sucks ass, even if you IGNORE the fact that it's completely linear and you have to walk the entire length to get anywhere. The rental car agency was a bit slow and annoying, but I got my little white Neon. It's reasonably comfy, at least.

And now, it's about 217am local, and probably a good time to sleep.
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