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Martin Tithonium

If you want to check baggage, at least on United, you have to do it 45min before the flight leaves. I tried to check in 44 minute and 30 seconds before my flight. So now I'm on the NEXT flight, AND I got to let the TSA fondle my belongings. I'll get to Atlanta three hours later than planned. BUT, on the upside, I get a row entirely to myself.

Colorado as fun. Bou and I played Mario Party and Monkey Ball, and we shopped a lot. I spent about $116 (160?) of her trade credit at her store, bought a stuffed giraffe and a lot of sour sugar at the zoo, and yesterday we went up to denver to shop the 16th st mall. That was pretty successful. I got two new lighters, and some candy, and spent $370 on yet more books. Got some cool stuff, too. Then on the drive back to the Springs, we hit the Sony outlet store, where I got a couple voice recorders (One for me, one for someone else) and some headphones and a universal remote. Then we shopped some more, and I got a $175 Armani watch at the fossil store for $64 with tax. And more candy.

I had fun.

Now, off to Atlanta for about 40 hours, then on to Kansas.
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