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Last weekend, Amazon sent me an email advertising an HD DVD deal. Buy a $300 Toshiba HD DVD player, get 5 free HD DVDs from Toshiba. Also, buy one of two Matrix HD DVD sets, and get two more HD DVDs from Amazon.

Ok. I put together an order. I went to checkout. No discount was applied to the two freebies. I sent an email via someone who still works at amazon to the Ordering team, to ask if perhaps there was a flaw in OMS that was causing it not to apply the discount when the cart was being split into multiple orders (as it was). No response.

Fine, what the hell. I'll place the order anyway and cancel if they screw me.
They screwed me. Ok, fine, whatever. I cancel the (now three) orders. Order for the 'free' movies, cancelled. Order for the matrix, cancelled. Order for the player... can't cancel, already being processed. I call CS. Hold, hold, nope, can't cancel, sorry. I'm told I'll have to reject the shipment and then they'll refund the money.

So, I've told the front desk to reject the shipment when it arrives. Fortunately, I had it shipped to the office.

I'm a little pissed with Amazon over this. It's a pretty simple bit of computation, why oh WHY are they too stupid to get it right?

Don't answer that.
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