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The listing of lists

Yesterday I started making a list of all the computers I have named, so I can see what I've used, what I haven't, and where it points to. The goal is to have picked a name for my new Mac Pro /before/ I buy it, rather than trying to come up with something while I'm sitting at the network configuration prompt.

My list has 27 entries so far, and I'm sure I'm missing many.

I'm currently pondering 'Cepheid', but there are a couple problems. 1) I used it, temporarily, for the name of an old powermac that I put BeOS onto. The idea was to dual-boot Be and MacOS, and thus Cepheid Variable made sense. Cepheid was the name of the mac partition, and Variable of the Be. But, the machine wasn't mine, I was just playing with it for a while, so I don't know if that counts as having been used. 2) Cepheid feels.. weak. It's a weak name. The machine I'm trying to name is going to be an octocore dualproc, at least 3ghz, at least 2gb of ram (probably 4 or 8 depending on prices), probably a terabyte of disk space, and is going to /start/ life with at least one 24" monitor, and grow to at least two and probably four. This will not be a weak machine. This will not be a small machine. It needs a Big Strong Name. I was thinking of finding a good hypergiant or supergiant, but the few I can find with proper names have what I consider 'pedestrian' names. Betelgeuse, for example, will never be an acceptable name.
'Regulus' has some interesting properties that make it a potential candidate. I'm not sure how to reconcile it with the fact that I'm considering that as a middle name, tho. Perhaps syncing the new computer with the name change could be amusing.

AzimuthHorizonal angle to a satelliteOld primary windows desktop
HarmakhisAncient Egyptian for MarsOld primary windows desktop
RukbatAlpha SagittariiOld primary windows desktop
FeigeA set of stars, tho I named it after one specifically.Current primary windows dekstop
Metis9 Metis, main belt asteroidOld MOO server
NemesisHypothetical companion to SolOld Mac desktop
Eugenia45 Eugenia, main belt asteroid, with moonMac Classic
CygnusCygnus X-1, probable black holeMac Cube
RigelBeta Orionis, brightest star in OrionPrimary linux server
OortThe Oort cloudSecondary linux server
VodopanOld Czech, NeptuneMOO/DB server
HladoletOld Czech, SaturnCobalt Qube2, NAT/DHCP server
KralomocOld Czech, JupiterRackmount Proliant, epiglyph Shell server
DobropanOld Czech, MercuryMacBook, work machine
MoshtariFarsi, JupiterRackmount Proliant 8500, future Sightseer server
Maeva3916 Maeva, main belt asteroidWork windows machine (
Damocles5335 Damocles, main belt asteroidWork windows machine (
MesicOld Czech, MoonWork linux server (
HadronSubatomic particleSony Vaio Picturebook, old personal laptop
MesonSubatomic particleiPod
CharonPluto's moonSony Clie UX-50
Dr. ZaiusCharacter from Planet of the ApesSharp Zaurus
GravitonTheoretical particleiPaq
PentaquarkTheoretical particleNokia N800
IdaMain belt asteroid, primary of DactylPowermac 8500?
DactylMain belt asteroid, moon of IdaNewton 2100
SednaDwarf Planet, discovered at same time machine was bought17" Powerbook G4

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