Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

On the sidewalk one Sunday morning, lies a body oozin' life

The story so far.

* got stuff done yesterday. Felt good, or at least less-bad-than-usual, about that.

* got thinkgeek order today. Three tshirts, yay, and the hip holster.

Tried on hip holster. It's smaller than the pictures made me think. It seems well made. But, the design is just not working out for me. I'm quite disappointed. There's no pocket that fits my phone well. At the moment, it's in the pocket that they show the phone in, but it's only in the little flap, 'cause no way would it get in the rest of the way. All the pockets have little flaps sewn over them, which makes sense to prevent things from falling out, but they also completely prevent convenient access, which kinda defeats the point of a holster. The N800 fits, more or less, into the big front pocket. I can get the phone into the middle pocket, but wherever I put it, it's a major pain in the ass to get it out, which means it just can't go in there. I can deal with it taking a bit to put it /away/, but taking it out HAS to be fast, if for no other reason than I need to be able to shut it up. My retractable fountain pen goes reasonably into the pen holder, tho it's a stretch. It might be worth sticking a spare remote for the house locks on the retractable key holder, but certainly not my entire keyring. The 'hidden' pocket, they say could hold a passport, tho I have my doubts. It certainly wouldn't hold my wallet comfortably, and getting into it is a pain. A lot of use would probably weaken the velcro enough, but.

* twitter is freaking out a bit on me today. Messages are arriving FAR out of chronological order. I've closed all my clients, and will just ignore it for a while.

* I think I'm just about finished with my first HR project, and will need to start poking at them for specs on the second.

* I'm attempting to mildly overcaffeinate myself today, as a kind of poor-man's Focus. I just grabbed my third and fourth Red Bull of the day from the fridge, and put a suggestion in the box for Sobe No Fear.

* nobody took up my challenge to come up with a new power symbol.

* I need some new lj icons.
Tags: death by idle processor cycles, just another day
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