Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Stayed home sick today. Coming down with something, and hoping I can head it off before it gets bad. Was perhaps a mistake tho; not sure how restful it will be with somebody banging on the outside of the house all day.

Oh, yeah, the siding is sitting on the back slab, and the current stuff is being ripped off as I type. Turns out the house sucks even /more/ than we knew. The way they did the walls of the sunroom when they filled in the old porch means that the walls stick out from the rest of the house by a quarter to half an inch. so, they'll have to build out the rest of the wall to make it flat. On the north side, not such a big deal, since the wall is discontinuous at the chimney. The south wall will be a bit more complicated, but we'll see.

And, /just now/, my hammock from arrived. Thank you, UPS. Maybe I'll set that up this weekend and spend some time vegetating in the yard.
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