Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, I have this little half-rack in my garage. It needs to be moved to the basement so that I can put the proliants into it and get them set up.

But, the basement is not completely water tight. During heavy rain, we end up with water in the corners for a day or so. We also had a nasty flood one xmas when the sewer line had Issues. So, I don't want the rack sitting on the floor. It's a nice little wheeled job, so I'm thinking of building a stand, say 6" or so tall, that it can be rolled up onto, and then lowered down on so it doesn't roll off the stand in the inevitable earthquake that will hit the day after I get everything plugged in. The general idea was a pair of 2x6s running front-to-back, and 2x4s running left-to-right, with .. something.. in the center, which can be actuated to move up and down, such that the rack rolls onto it and then is settled down a couple of inches so the weight rests on the frame instead of the wheels. However, I'm rather at a loss for the best way to design that short of putting little jacks inside.

Anybody have a suggestion or a better idea? My requirements are really just that the rack be 6" or so off the ground and that it be rock solid.
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