Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Today started FABULOUSLY. Rain. REAL, hard rain. The king of rain we got back home. The kind of rain I've been waiting five years to get here. Ok, that's not quite true, we've gotten it a few times. Just not very ofte. It doesn't rain much in seattle. It drizzles a lot, but doesn't really rain much. This was great. Not just a good rain, but warm too. Absolutely perfect. I got to work in a great mood.

Which lasted about three emails. The gurupa team wants me to rename a package. They're right, it should be, but now is SO not the time. And to make it worse, one of them apparetly tried to go over my head by contacting one of the SDEs about it. REALLY pissed me off. It's tacky, at best, and just plain RUDE.

Then, went home, and the great mood returned.
Tho Jimmy 1 thru 3 were drowning. I drained them and put them closer to the house so they wouldn't get so much rain. Jimmy 4, who's still in the kitchen window, is in less danger of drowning, but I'm worried he may be /under/ watered. We'll see, I guess.

Oh... and midnight is a bad time to rediscover SimTower.
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