Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, we left work early yesterday, what with my CEO having declared it the weekend and loree not having anything interesting to do for the remaining hour. We went home and switched cars, and took Joshua to the West Seattle Home Depot, 'cause she needed more dirt and compost to plant the rapidly sprouting radishes. On the way, I decided to finally pick up on of their cheap plastic adirondack chairs. loree also picked up an almost-as-cheap recliner type chair. We got lots of dirt, I looked at hinges for my rack-stand (but didn't find anything that screamed "This is the solution!"), she got some seeds and a weird-but-cool trowel. Also a pot, and a small rail-mount tiki torch (like this, but 30"). Then we went to Westwood, hit the McDonalds for soda and then Staples for envelopes (loree waited in the car.). I also picked up some sharpies (dual points, cloth-marking, and industrial).

Then home to unload everything. I decided on the way that I wanted to hit the SODO Home Depot, as they had torches like the one we already have. So we went there, and got refills for loree's sprout incubator, some torch fuel, a torch, some clear-coat protecting spray (for the ducks) and an insulated-staple staplegun (for the ropelight).

beaq called as I was about to hit the checkout line and we decided she should come over.
Then we picked up the dog, and I realized we should go back to home depot and get another chair, since we only had the two. So we went BACK to the west seattle store, grabbed another chair, then home. unload everything, get things a bit organized. I fueled up the lamps, got the chairs arranged reasonably, and relaxed.

And, between dog and third home depot run, crossing Morgan on 35th, loree suddenly yells "I found Waldo!". I look around, confused, then see a woman standing at the bus stop to our left, wearing a red-and-white striped shirt and matching hat. Indeed, we had found Waldo. Or, perhaps, merely a Waldo-Decoy.
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