Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Banking is hard, let's be OCD

So, I got my ING Electric Orange card, and also BECU sent us new debit cards (still don't know why, but whatever). Just activated them both. But putting them into my wallet requires some reorganization. So, the BECU card I've kept in its little sleeve, along with the card with the account numbers. That becu card goes away and gets replaced with the new one, no problem. But, the ING card needs a place to live, and I don't want to put more than two cards in each slot. There are four slots on each side of the wallet. Left side is all money (plus ID), right side is all membership cards.

Well, I had to adjust things a bit. I took the back row of membership cards (alki, etc) and put them into an interior pocket, moved the bookstore cards (b+n and borders) to the back row, put costco and subway in the next, then qfc+safeway. Front row now holds my ID. The left side now has BECU+FSA in the back row, then the joint cards (one debit, one credit), then my capone card and my macy's card, and then my wamu and ing debits.

The only problem thus far is that my ID is a little loose in its slot, because it's alone. But I'm sure that'll be taken care of in time.

And then I sorted my cash by denomination, date, and serial. That wasn't hard, as I only have $27 on me, and the 1s were from the same year.

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