Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

my eyes are bleeding.

Ugh. So, the eyes-bugging me thing is still going on. Stupid autonomic bad habits. Major headache again today. Not as bad as earlier in the week, thank gods.

Lots of excedrin. And working on Task-O-Mat. Today, I made Javascript my bitch. And discovered that my 'clever' hack in the controller wasn't going to work anymore. When reparenting tasks, I was doing the logic in the controller, wrapped around hobo's update handler. Problem is, the render happens in that handler, and so my 'put the task in the right position in the list' was happening /after/ the render. So it always showed up at the end. The /right/ way to do this is in the model, but I'd avoided that because of the need to create pseudofields and teach hobo how to deal with them. But, I have now done so. And it allows for some other cleverness later, I think, and is probably good in the long run, since I now know the right way to beat hobo into submission.

Task-O-Mat is coming along very nicely. It's a hierarchical task list manager. Rather than having lots of task lists, you just have /tasks/. tasks can have parents, and tags, and notes, and can hide their checkbox (if, frex, it's not a task so much as a folder), and can hide completed children at the branch level. Also tags and hiding children cascade to children until/unless they set their own.

Today's work was to make it so you can drag tasks onto each other, and either sort lists, change parents, or both, based on /where/ you drop it relative to what you're dropping it on. Used to be that dropping on another task just made it a child of the recipient, which was very suboptimal.

See, even the best task management websites I've found require you to change 'modes' to do things like which, which I hate. Having to go click a button to make it so I can reorder my list, and then hit the button again to go back to editing mode, is too much of a pain in the ass. It's interuptive. Taskomat lets you drag at whim to reorder, and you edit by /double/ clicking. Which required some slight changes to hobo and scriptaculous, but that's ok. They're changes that should probably be rolled into the distributions, and I might see about submitting patches when I launch the project.

Still quite a bit to do before it's public-ready. Like, say, only letting you see your own tasks (technically, you can't /see/ other people's tasks, you merely see the html structure around them, as they aren't filtered out but hobo prevents the text from showing up. which is even worse, imo). And having an intro screen when you aren't logged in. And so forth. Probably about a week or two.

I must say, OSX is a very happy thing for this. I've got ruby, rails, hobo, mysql, and textmate installed on Dobropan (black macbook), so everything runs locally. I can work on the site anywhere I want, as long as I've got the laptop.

Oh yeah, the other thing I need before launching: a server to put it on. Oort is too overloaded. I have /got/ to get the basement rack set up, move Moshtari down there, and migrate Sightseer to it. Anybody wanna come help me move the halfrack and some big servers downstairs?
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