Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

HEY! mobile peeps.

Got a mobile device with a browser on it? Use it to hit this url for me:

I want to collect user_agents for different mobile browsers, so I can identify them as mobile, and there's a form you can optionally fill out to indicate what sort of device you're on.

edit: please do pass the url along to other people. I'd like to get as big a data set as possible.

edit: interesting to see that opera mobile passes no information about the platform in the UA string. Other than slight differences in build number, it's the same across two very different platforms so far. Maybe I should have dumped the whole environment, to see if opera is passing anything like a screen size in other headers.

edit: /safari/? on /symbian/? huh.

edit: Oh, nice. Blazer on Treo claims not only to be mozilla (as the primary user agent string), but also MSIE 6.0 on Win95, before admitting it's Blazer 3.0 on a 160px square screen. Why, oh why, did microsoft have to lie, paving the way for everybody else to lie in increasingly complicated ways?
edit: don't answer that.
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