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Martin Tithonium

Having an open job offer is useful for being left alone at work. They know that if they annoy me I can jump ship at any moment. And, if I decided to demand more money or something, it puts me in a decent bargaining position. But that's kinda unfair. I feel bad about that sorta thing, at the same time that I enjoy it immensly. And my stupid ethics wno't /let/ me attempt to negotiate more money using the threat of accepting another job. Bah!

I mailed Greg last night to let him know I wasn't going to be able to take the job. Without insurance being provided, it'll amount to a significant pay cut, on top of the already significant pay cut that got me looking in the first place. Add to that the fact that things are actually getting somewhat organized and I think we actually have a chance of hitting our deadlines, and the fact that the weather change has put me in a *MUCH* better mood overall... And so, no. Sigh. And now I'm writing this where various work people will see it. But that's ok. Lydia will find out, probably the next time she asks how close to quitting I am.
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