Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

tithonium: shit. we're out of soup
loree: no food for you
tithonium: but i'm'a die!
loree: go to the store and buy some more soup?
tithonium: I can either walk to riteaid and buy some, or give up on this stupid diet.
tithonium: I wouldn't have a decision to make except my blood sugar is already crashing.
loree: flip a coin so you can blame the moneys instead of yourself?
tithonium: ok
tithonium: call it
loree: heads you go, tails you give up
tithonium: tails.
loree: that took a while, did you do a best 3 out of 5?
tithonium: had to find a quarter.
loree: ah

So, I'm off the stupid soup-only diet. Thank the maker. I /was/ doing about 1kilocalorie per day, which is pretty impressive, what with the not dying and everything. I'm continuing with no-red-meat-for-a-month, and am going to attempt to keep the total calorie count down. And, I shall probably continue with my diet blog, for tracking my intake.

Still doing chang's on saturday tho! Be there!
Tags: diet
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