Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, I've been worried about my zaurus. It didn't seem to have a soul. Most compouters I've worked with display some kind of personality, quirks and tendancies that lend a distinct flavor to working with it. The zaurus never did. The personality usually helps me find a computer's name. Most of my computers are male, because they tend towards male personalities (what do you expect, when it's all projection on my part?). It's hard to pick the name before knowing the personality. But I picked one anyway. A zaurus, and today I was finally pushed over the edge int eh direction I was already leaning... AMC was showing Planet of the Apes. That's right, I named the Zaurus "Doctor Zaius". And only THEN did it gain a personality. Shortly thereafter it stopped booting properly. I'd installed a network utility to show traffic in the taskbar, and then it wouldn't boot. I had to wipe the system and start over. Made me VERY thankful I'd bought a 256mb SD card this morning and the first thing I'd done with it was back up the internal store. So nothing important lost. Bt it's been balky and irritable ever since. I've fnially talked it down and we're back on good terms, but it took several hours. But yes, the name suits him perfectly, I've decided.
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