Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

This will probably come off as, I don't know, gloating or something. It's not. Just a 'huh, wadda ya know' sorta thing.

See, /somehow/, no matter how desperate my financial situation has gotten in the past, SOMETHING has ALWAYS happened to fix it. I don't know how it happens,
The situation right now is hardly desperate, but we /did/ rather foolishly decide that residing the house was a brilliant idea, to the tune of a $23,000 loan that's probably going to cost about $250-$300/mo. I'm already covering the entire HELoC myself ($650/mo), and wasn't looking forward to the belt-tightening that would be required to keep me solvent on a monthly basis with that extra expense.

Well, while pulling up my paystubs, so we can submit said loan's paperwork, I noticed that the numbers had changed last month. Normally I wouldn't have looked twice, I'm used to paychecks varying a little from month to month (having amazon pull my cafeteria debt directly from my paycheck, you see), except the past two payments were the same, as if they were the normal paycheck, and were different from the previous three, which were all the same. Turns out, I got a raise. And my boss hadn't told me because he didn't know if the paperwork had gone through yet. And the addition to each paycheck should, more or less, cover the cost of the new loan. Whee. So, that's another stressor taken care of.

Now if I could just get this damned recruiting system finished. I promised a demo by end of last week, then was sick most of the week and out for two days. I'm aiming for tomorrow, now.
Tags: money, the universe loves me
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