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So, loree wanted to go out and get dog drugs at costco and potting mix and such. So, we went out. I didn't feel up to it, but, whatever. While we were out, we went a few other places, and she bought me lunch. Among other things, we hit GameStop, and I picked up a copy of Supreme Commander.

Came home, installed it, went to play, and it complains that my computer isn't up to spec.
Well, okay, it probably isn't. I built Feige several years ago to be a portable gaming machine. It's an Athlon XP 3000+, with a gig of ram, BUT it's a dinky little shuttle case and I'm using the on-board video because I like being able to dual-head. My original plan was to put a Good card in the AGP slot, use that for the primary monitor, and then put two other monitors on the on-board ports, and have a triple-head system. BUT, it doesn't work that way. You can't use the on-board video and off-board video at the same time. Lameness. So, I've always just lived with the on-board, and dual-head. There aren't many games I've wanted to play that couldn't run adequately on the video chipset available.

But, this one can't.
So, I've got some choices. The simplest option is to give up the dual-head, drop in an agp card that'll do what I need. Move the 17" monitor onto Feige, put one of the 15"s on Cygnus, and maybe use the other on the workbench (replacing an old Komodo CRT).
Another option would be to sell off Feige and replace it with something newer and beefier.
Another option, which is really just a variant of the second, and which is particularly insane, if to buy another mac. maybe a Mac Pro. Something reasonably beefy in itself. And bootcamp it. Anybody know how well the higher-end directx toys work on that hardware?

Just for my own amusement:
* Alienware: $4k for quad core, 2gb, 250gb, dual video.
* MacPro: $2.9k for quad core 2.66ghz, 2gb, 250gb, dual dvi. for $150 more, I could attach 4 monitors. for $500 more, I could attach 8 monitors.
* Dell: $5.8k for an XPA 710 H2C, 3.46ghz, 4gb, 750gb/raid1, dual dvd, dual video, physics accelerator.

What I 'should' do, according to the old rules, is to build a new system, from scratch, as I always have. But, frankly, that's just so much of a pain in the ass these days. And really, it's a WINDOWS box. I want it to run a few things on that can't run elsewhere (like a recent copy of tivo desktop, with auto-download and transcoding), and for gaming. I don't want to invest a whole lot of time planning the thing, researching, buying and building and debugging. I just want to plop something down, install my games, and go.
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