Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Ok, so, help design this thing for me. Walk me thru some use cases. Tell me the user story, as some people would say.

I'll start us off.
  • There are a bunch of ex-coworkers who I never see anymore, I'd like to have lunch with them and catch up
  • I set up an event, title:Lunch!, subject:"Hey, guys! it's been forever! let's get lunch sometime soon and catch up!", location:[suggested list of possible options, with the checkbox for 'allow other suggestions' turned on]. I put in their email addresses. I click the checkbox that says 'allow subinvites', since I'm sure there are other people I forgot. I also note the days that would work for me in the near future.
  • the system emails them, and deals with bounces properly
  • they either ignore the message, click on "not interested", or click on "interested" and add their own information. They can do this date or that date. They vote for the places they'd like to go, and against the places they wouldn't go. Oh, and here's another good place to eat, oh, and invite so-and-so as well.
  • Whenever someone comes to the page, it show the dates with the best attendance possibilities, and the venues with the most positive votes. You can also opt to receive an email about all the events you're on on some regular basis (probably never/daily/weekly)
  • Eventually, someone decides "ok, we're going to do [venue x] on [date y]". *clicky* Everybody gets an email saying that a concrete event has been registered. Those who said that venue/date would work get a "see you there" message, with a list of probable attendees and a confirmation request. Those who didn't, get a "sure you can't make it?" mail, with similar information, and a link asking if they want to attend anyway. either way, if there are enough people who won't make it, the event can be forked, and those who are attending the chosen date/venue can go off and do their thing, while the rest find a new option. It may be that the forking presents an immediate option for the rest to do something, or they may have to keep poking. Whatever.

Your turn.
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