Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

The problem with twitter and tumblr (and any other such thing that isn't on my own servers) is that I can't /really/ tell how many people are reading my feeds. With livejournal, I don't actually /care/ that much. But, particularly with tumblr, if nobody's reading it, I don't think I'll bother continuing to use it. Twitter, I know people read, but I don't know how /many/. I can see my followers /on/ twitter, but it also puts out an rss feed. I know I'm the only one subscribed to it here on lj, but that doesn't mean nobody's reading it thru something else. Not likely, I'll admit. Tumblr, I have no way to see who's reading it. I know one other person is sub'd here on lj (and am pretty sure I know who it is), but have no other mechanism for seeing who's looking at it. Nobody, I suspect. So why post to it? If it's something I want to share with the world, why not post it to LJ directly?* I dunno. I've got the tumblr account, I may as well use it for something. Maybe define it as /just/ pictures and videos that don't need to go on my LJ. Would promote some stuff from there to LJ, and leave the rest. Hmm

* The answer, if you're wondering, is context. Different things go to different venues. Links that I just want to send out to whomever go to Folly, my 'linkblog' as they're called these days. It's an homage to Robot Wisdom. 'Meaningful' content, things that require some thought to compose, memes, etc, go here, to LJ. Random pictures or videos I feel like sharing go to Tumblr. Also, I think, links to things that aren't insignificant enough for folly but which I'm not going to talk enough about for lj shall also go there (hence linking to xia's Future post there). Let's call it 'stray thoughts', shall we? Twitter, of course, is random nonsense, talking to people, and what's going on now. Which is what I think twitter is fore: what's going on right this moment, and reactions thereto.

edit: Technically this post started as 'stray thoughts', but ended up with enough composing behind it...
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