Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I seem to be a bit grumpy about all this "type 1 diabetes cured!" stuff going around.

No. It's cured when I can call my doctor and say "make this happen" and it happens. Or, better, when my endocrinologist's office calls /me/ and says "we should make this happen". It's cured when it is available as a treatment outside of a trial.

Of course, even then I'm not going to be jumping for joy all that much. I'm one of those lucky folks - only recently being 'discovered', if the science rags are to be believed - who is insulin /resistant/ as well as not producing enough insulin on my own.

So, yeah. I'm happy progress is being made. I'm happy some small amount of the global pharmaceutical research budget is going to diabetes research, rather than finding new and more profitable ways to give old and/or insecure men erections. Really. But don't give me this cure crap until it's true.
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