Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

precis of recentness:

con. was good. spent more time hanging out in the lounge watching people than before. shall do more in the future. cute girl makes comments that, were it not for the tip jar she's holding, would be, I think, 'leading'. passionfruit mead == teh good. fermentation byproducts of passionfruit mead = teh very bad.

"elvish vest" bought at con. nice, but spensive. another sword cane from con, looking into building electronics into it.

nokia n800, ordered from ebay. never got a shipment notification, so was worried. it arrived yesterday. Not, honestly, sure whether I like it more or less than the 770. 770 had a nice hard case integrated. 800 doesn't. 800 has dual memory slots, 770 had one. so, playing with both for a while. may look at case options.

pcmcia clik! drive ordered off ebay. again, no ship notification. but it arrived, and osx/powerbook doesn't like it. will try it in win2k/picturebook and see how it goes.

ebay feedback pending on both of those.

bluetooth keyboard, ordered 25 february, two emails to seller (one from me, one from google), it shipped monday. arrives friday. grr.

audiobook from amazon, says 'unabridged', but is $20, while one that does not say abridged or not is $40. Was concerned, but it was, in fact, unabridged. yay.

work, lots to do, having trouble getting into it. CS manager fired. irritated about that, but too sick to flump down in HR office and WTF at them.

concrud. sick. getting sicker. not happy. minor aches. much coughing and sniffling and ick. breathing is overrated.

looked at triangle-and-robert-creator's side project and was tempted to create a web comic. unfortunately, have layout design in mind, very cool, but.. no content. meh. typical me.

brain, not so much with the working.
crap. also, just realized I forgot my notes for my work project at home. crap.
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