Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

A'ight. So, I found a shirt for the party, but no coat. That's ok, I can do without.
Meanwhile, we bought way too much shit.

Among the take...

A decorated metal-tone skull.

Red Light:
Two zippos, black with pirate skulls. Also a clutch purse for loree.

Nothing, but the /perfect/ coat was there, just in the wrong size.

A linksys vpn firewall and a netgear vpn firewall. 20% off, I figured I'll get both, use whichever works best for me, and sell the other. Or keep it. or.. whatever.
A holster that might work for my phone.
A car charger for Graviton.
A remote for the Xbox 360.
Some stuff for loree

Found the /perfect/ tshirt. It's great. I'm wearing it to the party. You'll see.
Found what I can only describe as a goth hawaiian shirt. But the only XXL was defective, so I didn't get it.
Two other nice shirts.

Shoes for loree

Excallibur (knife/etc store):
Three zippos, two matte black (one large, one small), and one chrome with 'Evil' carved into it.

So. Yeah, went a little crazy.
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