Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, for those who aren't reading them (eg, all of you), I dropped the Twitter feed importing into the Tumblr feed, as I've started actually using the tumblr account for a few things. Like quotes, and a picture via watchisimo. Instead, I've set up a separate syndication of my twitter account to lj. So, tithon_tumblr is the tumblr account, which will likely be more interesting as an lj feed than tithon_twitter, which is just my random twitter nonsense. But, whatever.

Meanwhile, the oxycodone has been working well enough at bedtime the past couple days that the jaw hasn't kept me awake, so I took some this morning as it was particularly bugging me. Go go gadget being-on-narcotics-at-work. Unfortunately, oxycodone hasn't had any psychotropic effects since my very first dose, so it's not as much fun as it could be, but I /am/ in a wonderful happy mood (compared to my usual, that is) because, in addition to my jaw not hurting, neither do my shoulders or my wrists, which usually bother me to one degree or another.

So, we'll see how today goes.
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