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Martin Tithonium

Got to work today, and hadn't even finished my breakfast before I got paged to a two hour meeting with the MF folks to discuss stutus of the platform for their project. Instant spike in the frustratometer, but I calmd down. Then the team went to lunch and bitched about the meeting. In the lunch line somehow I ended up telling Lydia that we needed to talk. So we did after lunch. That wasn't how I'd intended to bring it up, but it worked. Told her I'd gotten an offer, what the issues with it were, etc. Told her I didn't actively want to /leave/ amazon, at the moment, but that the other offer was very tempting. As a manager, obviously, she doesn't want me to leave. But as a person, she'd rather see me happy, so she's ok with whatever I choose. She asked what she can do - not much - and said that if I decided to leave amazon but not go to tacoma, she knows people doing similar things in the distance-learning world.

The rest of the day went fairly well.

After getting home I spent a lot of time playing with the zaurus, getting a bunch of software installed, including an ssh server. I still don't have a name for it tho.
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